Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Special Visitor

As I mentioned at my previous post, my friend came to visit us today. 

We walked down to the bus stop to meet up with her since it was her first time. It's her first time to to see her, she told me how big baby K has been already. I told her she should have seen how tiny she were when she was born. She also bought us some treats. 

Donut King

They are too good

We just talked and talked and talked about everything since I haven't seen her since the baby shower.  We had lunch, then watched this really funny Thai movie then some KUTK. She also carried baby K pretty much the whole time she was here. 

Baby K got annoyed cause she got woken up

We also took a photo of us three:
Good Friends

Baby K wasn't looking

We also tried some effects:

Chipmunk effect

Bug Out Effect

Frog Effect

It was good seeing her. I was lucky because she's going back to Otago next week. We at least got together before she starts university again. It was a really good day. 


  1. Those donuts look delicious, yum!

    1. They were indeed delicious! Not too sweet which was a good thing. :)


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