Monday, 24 June 2013

New Solution

My friend is coming over today. I decided that before we meet with her at the bus stop later, I'd do some laundry because it's still sunny. Baby K was crying so I tried to use the baby carrier so I could bring her to the backyard while I hang the clothes.  I just realized how heavy she's getting. On the plus side, I found it easier doing chores using this. It will also probably help me lose my pregnant weight (he he!). And I think I just found how to make her sleep if she doesn't want to sleep. Look at her:

I just realised that my looked bald on that side. Anyway, she looks so comfortable. I'm typing this with the carrier still with me. I guess we'll be going to the bus stop like this instead of using a stroller. I just found a solution on putting her to sleep. The problem is, how do I lay her down on her bed?


  1. Hi Danielle! Thanks for visiting me at Toronto Mama! Your little lady is so precious! I spent so much time with Lili in the carrier when she was new. She absolutely loved it, and I did too. It's how I lost all my baby weight!


    1. I will definitely use the baby carrier more often. I didn't know it was that handy. I was able to do most of the things I need to do. It was a relief. Thank you! :) xx


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