Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Birth Story: Baby #2

I am back and I have some pretty exciting story to share. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you probably know what this will be about. I was going to post another update but I have been extra tired during the last trimester. All I did on my spare time was eat and sleep. I had been nesting the past few months and still didn't manage to do all the things I wanted. I was hoping to finish all of it last weekend but Little Miss O decided she wanted to come early just like big sister.

I'm not even sure where to begin because I am still a little overwhelmed. I did had a feeling that she was going to arrive soon, but not that day. It was a normal day - we dropped Kaelyn at school and then went to work. When they picked me up after work, we went to get pizza for dinner because I  felt like having pizza. We got pizza, went home, had dinner then I immediately went in for a shower. That's when all the contractions started. Although I was not sure if it was one or it was my stomach   being painful because I haven't been to the toilet. Each contraction did not last long but it was frequent. I asked my mom and she told me to call the midwife because she thinks I am on labour so I did. She did confirm that I am on active labour, that was around 9pm. She told me that it's best to bring Kaelyn to a parent's house and then see how it goes from there. At this point, the contractions were becoming more painful and by the time we were driving down from their house, I could really feel her wanting to come out.

We went straight to the hospital and Patrick, who was trying to be calm during that time, drove inside town rather than the highway. Every stoplight we passed by turned RED. It was the longest 15 second of my life. Oh, and That's not the best part though. Once we got to the hospital, the midwife told us to go through the emergency since the main building is closed. WE HAVEN'T BEEN TO THE EMERGENCY BEFORE. We did not know where it was. Even though she did say go through emergency, we still went to the main building, hoping that it was just beside it but it wasn't. We then drove to the back and thank goodness, we saw the sign. We saw two doors and BOTH of them were closed. We were walking around, me yelling with pain, like crazy. We asked a lady where the entrance were and she directed us to what she thought was the entrance too. Luckily, there was a guy who told us where to go. When we got to the reception, we asked where the maternity ward was and the receptionist, seemingly unimpressed, told us to go "through the corridor", that's it. I thought we were almost there. When we were at the end of the corridor, you had to either turn right or left or go up the stairs. The lady did not mention any of this. We turned right since it was the only one that had bright lights but at the end of that corridor, it split two ways again. We asked for my midwife's help and after trying to figure out where we were, we decided to go back to the reception area. We asked the receptionist again and she said the same thing, really annoyed this time. I'm not even sure if she could tell that I am in distress/about to give birth but anyway. Luckily there was an intern who was kind enough to help us. She brought us through to the right elevator and through to the maternity ward.

We arrived at the same time as my midwife. As soon as we got to the room, I went straight to bed. The contractions were pretty bad at this point, I could feel that she was going to arrive soon. She checked how things were going and then asked me to push. Within a couple of minutes she was out, just like that. Our trip going to the hospital took longer than me having to push her out. 

I had a haemorrhage after that though. Thank goodness they managed to remove all the blood clots because that sh*t was painful. They had to monitor me through out the night to make sure I was recovering well. I was awake most of the night. At 6AM, we were moved to the post natal ward and there, I had an hour or so of sleep. Little Miss O was asleep most of the night. They made sure she was okay and her blood sugar was on the right level since she is underweight. The results were good so we were given the green light to go home that night. My sister, Patrick's mom and Kaelyn visited in the afternoon and the rest of the family visited us in our house that night. 

We might not be as prepared as we hoped we'd be but I am just glad that everything turned okay. It has been a smooth first week too and I'm so thankful for that. Plus, Kaelyn has been helping most of the time. We're a family of four now. Oh, and her name is Olivia Luna.

P.S. She looks so much like Kaelyn when Kaelyn was born except she's got bigger eyes.

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