Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Almost Four

In less than a week, it's my baby girl's birthday. She is turning FOUR YEARS OLD, seriously! She's not a baby anymore, as she always insists. She's told us countless of times that she's a big girl now. The past four years has gone by rather quickly. I can barely remember her first few days and now, she's about to become a big sister.

We always talk about how she's getting taller. She'd sleep on the bed and when I'm about to wake her up, I'd accidentally sit on her feet. Like, how is it that she's taking half the length of the bed already? There were also times that she'd close the light by herself (with a tiptoe but that counts, right?) and get her own food from the table without needing help. Plus, all her pants looks like crop pants now even though they're a size up. Shopping for clothes is starting to get hard now.

One of things that has caught my attention is how good her memory is. She'll remember even the littlest of things from months ago. One time, I have promised her we'll bake over the weekend. We got quite busy but she didn't stop asking until we did some baking. She also remembers the time when she tripped at the grass a year ago. It's funny how she remembers even those things. Although, don't promise something you won't do because she will never forget. 

She can be a little diva and a bit too bossy who tries to get whatever she wants but she is the cutest when she dances and sing. Her face always light up whenever she hears Ed Sheeran's song. She even made her own version which took us a while to figure out what actual song it was. I've seen her love for music grow the past year and I can't wait what she'll do with it. Though she might think she's a big girl now but to me, she'll always be my baby girl.

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