Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Quick Visit to Kindergarten

We have already planned to let Kaelyn start going into Kindergarten next year. I have then searched and and read all about it and I am nervous on letting her go, I am excited as well. I managed to reserve a spot for her on the kindergarten that's three blocks away from us. We were advised to have a few visit before her actual start. This is for her to see what activities they do and for her to experience it as well. I have mentioned kindergarten to Kaelyn a few times before. I did remind her again this morning before we left and she gave me a worried look but she said okay anyway.
We walked to the school and we got there just when they were about to start morning snack time. They explained to me how things work, and how the little kids learn. I let her explore around and play. She did get shy whenever the other kids talk to her but she managed to play with a few of them after that.

It was fun and the staff were really nice. We probably will be back again (because we were told that we could come visit again). I can't actually wait for her to start because. Not only because we get a few hours of free/me/sleep time but also, for her to play with lots of other kids. But I bet you I will be the one crying on that first day of kindergarten. I've compiled a short video on what happened today, click on below and see.


Patrick thought it was called kindergarden not kindergarten. He just realized when I was trying to teach Kaelyn how to say it. 

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