Monday, 2 November 2015

Embracing the Filipino Culture

I have always wondered how my daughter will learn our native language. When I was growing up, I always had my parents and my teachers to teach me the english language. Now that we're in a  different country, I guess teaching her the english language is a priority. But I have been told that she's going to pick it up sooner or later especially when she starts going to kindy. We converse in both english and tagalog. I sometimes translate it so that she'll sort of know what it is in the other language.

She has picked up quite a few words which is really fascinating to hear. Here's some of them:

ganda - beautiful
ayaw - don't like
tara -  let's go
sugat - boo boo
sarap - yummy
ligo - shower

She basically repeats what I say. To top that all off, she now knows how to count one to ten in tagalog. My sisters taught her and she managed to learn it pretty quickly. She says it on her cutest english accent. I am so proud. Plus, we have been watching a romantic comedy Filipino teleserye which has been really entertaining for all of us. Not only it's funny to watch but I also hear some tagalog words that I haven't heard much lately which is quite entertaining. That show gives me ideas on what words to teach Kaelyn. You know, just because and she sound too cute when she tries to speak in tagalog.

Maybe someday she'll be able to speak a whole sentence or even converse in Tagalog. I am waiting for that day. I know for sure that it is soon because Kaelyn just told me sakit naman (it hurts) while I am typing this. Anyway, watch the video of her counting in Tagalog. It is very entertaining not because her counting fingers are not quite right. Until then.

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If you ever wonder what that teleserye is, it is called On the Wings of Love (OTWOL). I highly recommend it 'cause James Reid is hot af.

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