Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Calm After the Storm

It has been a stormy past week for us. Lots of cities were flooded, roads were closed, people were stranded. A lot of people had to reroute just to go home which took them hours. We are so lucky that we weren't affected by the flood. It was really horrible but everything is calm and quiet now. That is Wellington winter for you, lots of wind and rain. It's a little better now though. Getting colder and colder with rain here and there but at least we're not getting slammed with bad weather.

Change of weather was a good timing too. One of our friends who recently moved to Auckland came for a visit. They had a good sleepover at our place on a Friday night filled with board games, online games and the like. We then went to Oriental Bay the day after for a good lunch at Bluewater Bar & Grill. It was the former Fisherman's Table. I'm not quite sure what the difference is since I wasn't able to eat at that restaurant. The Fisherman's Table that I was able to go to was the one in Paekakariki. Patrick said that the food is quite the same as the one but we really won't know since we only had a taste from their lunch menu.

Anyway, we were there for a couple of hours enjoying the food, the sight, and having a bit of a laugh. After that, they mentioned about wanting desserts and Patrick suggested that we go to Louis Sergeant by Featherston St which is far far from where we were. They started walking but realised that it was too far and too cold so we turned around and walked towards the car.

Kaelyn had so much fun walking around. It was probably a bit chilly but that didn't stop her from running around and enjoying the scenery.

We hopped in the car and drove, trying to find a parking space. We walked to Louis Sergeant but we were too late because it's closed so we went back. We walked around and Ted showed us his new work place.  

It was a good day and as much as we wanted to stay, we had to go home. Yeah, we live in Wellington but we don't go to town that much unless there's a special occasion like this. 

Until next time. Maybe when we're back in town, it's a lot sunnier.

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