Monday, 3 November 2014


I'm still a little gutted that Halloween isn't celebrated much here in New Zealand. There weren't any kids trick or treating or in costumes. We were contemplating whether we should dress up Kaelyn or not. I couldn't think of what costume would be adorable on her. The ones that I like would be too expensive or would take up a lot of time to do. When the month of October came, I just told myself that Kaelyn just won't dress up because I have no time to prepare a costume for her. That changed though.

The day before we left Auckland, we had a last stroll by Queen St. I was looking at shops and when I looked up, one of the sign says Hello Kitty shop located inside. I got so excited, I begged Patrick to check it out. It's a cute, little shop full of well, Hello Kitty. I have forgotten my obsession with Hello Kitty until that day. I remember when I was a kid, my parents always bring us to the Sanrio shop at ATC and I always leave that shop with a handful of Hello Kitty merchandise. All of that came back and I wanted to buy everything in that store. I grabbed a lot of stationaries and I even wanted to buy the Hello Kitty that's in a Panda costume. Both my obsession in one stuffed toy. I didn't though because it was out of my budget and Patrick saw the Hello Kitty costume which was too cute not to buy. We even bought a Hello Kitty shoes to complete the outfit. Kaelyn became Hello Kitty on this year's Halloween.

We didn't go trick or treating though. Instead, we went to my parents house. October 31st does not really mean Halloween for us because it's my dad's birthday. We went there for his birthday dinner.

Since he's been busy with his work and school, mom cooked dinner instead of eating out. I think it's better though 'cause it takes away the stress of travelling and waiting for food and then there's a chance that you might be disappointed. At least with mom's cooking, you won't be disappointed.

After dinner, we watched Monsters Inc. I haven't watched it in years, and even Kaelyn liked that movie.  We went home a little later than expected and Kaelyn went straight to bed. She was so tired but I knew she had so much fun. She kept dancing and laughing the whole night. How was your Halloween this year?

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