Monday, 3 November 2014

Orbit 360 Dining - Auckland Day Three

Our third day in Auckland was a quiet one, sort of. Since we got home late the previous night, we woke up late that day. But that's not even new right? I started missing Kaelyn even more too. I kept messaging my sister about her. They were sending me pictures and she looks like she's having fun and have totally forgotten about us. Anyway, as much as we want to be lazy all day, we shouldn't waste a day in Auckland without going around. 

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant at Queen St. The only reason we went there because Patrick wanted roast duck. I must say it was good and I'm not a fan of eating ducks. After that, we just walked around. There quite a lot of people because it was Diwali Festival. There were stalls of little things and food stalls. I bought a duck that makes the quack sound. Kaelyn is a little obsessed with ducks and I thought she'll love this one (she did by the way). After that, we went to Giapo. Their ice cream is quite nice. We only got one because I knew I wouldn't finish a whole lot. It was the hazelnut flavour dipped in something. It looked like gold flakes but I couldn't remember what it was called. 

We walked up further Queen St and passed by University of Otago, my dream school. I had no idea they had one in Auckland.

We got to Karanghape Road where I found a cute shop. I hope it's still there when we go back. Their stuff is way out of my budget but definitely adorable. We went back to the hotel after that. Walking is very tiring especially that far.

I've been wanting to eat at Orbit 360 since we got to Auckland so I tried to make a reservation that afternoon and luckily I got one. I got the last one which was at 9:30 pm but who cares. We can wait for dinner. Dining at Orbit gives you access to the SkyDeck and Observatory level of the Sky Tower. Remember one of the reasons that we went to Auckland, apart from JT concert, was to do the sky jump? Everything changed when we were going up the Observation level. It was at Level 51. As soon as the elevator started moving up, my heart beat raced faster and faster. I was so. freaking. nervous. The view is breathtaking though even at night. You can see everything from up there. 

I know these pictures doesn't do justice on how amazing the view was. It was my fault, I forgot to adjust my GoPro. But anyway, after that we went even higher to the SkyDeck which was at Level 60. We were told that you can even lean on the glass and it nothing will happen (You can't lean on the glass the the observation level). Hearing that made me even scared. 

We went straight to Orbit after that which was at level 52. Orbit 360 Dining revolves around the whole hour hence the name Orbit. So while you are eating, you are going round and round. It's really cool. I will post a video up soon for you to see. 

Our waiter was a Filipino and he was really nice. The food was quite nice too. A little too fancy for us but we were so full at the end of it.

It was a cool experience and I think if you do go to Auckland, it's one of the things that you definitely have to experience. Although I think I developed my fear of heights that night. I shall conquer Sky Jump the next time we go there. Two days of Auckland holiday post left. I am definitely missing Auckland while I write this. Someone take me back here.

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