Friday, 31 October 2014

What A Load of Illusion

My special guest on today's blog is Jeanie from Jeani's Jargon. She's one of the lovely bloggers that I met through Blogtember. Her blog is about her life, her hubby and their adventures together in Singapore. Come and have a read on what she's been up to lately. This one will amaze you.

Hello! I’m Jeanie, and I came to know Danielle through this Blogtember Challenge

Piggy Head, anyone?
I had wanted to share about my birthday week but I've done it briefly on my dayre, so when I find the mood to, I'll probably do a full one. Probably.

Lemme out, pretty please?
Anyway, this is about our trip to the Trick Eye Museum. I thought I would have gone once it's opened here in Singapore but I guess the fear of crowds procrastinate the visit.

Shit.. I look bigger than I already am.
There's not much thoughts to share.. Just funny pictures..

The entrance ticket costs SGD25. We came, now that all the hoo-ha has subsided..

I'm just glad Willie is really spontaneous about doing the silly poses.

Willie getting breathless
I just kept going, behind the camera.. Nope, not like this.. A little to the left.. You have to look really scared! There! 1.. 2.. 3!
Free Willie~
I suggest going with friends.. Best for double dates.. So you can help each other on the couple shots..
Hello~ Panda!
I truly enjoyed being behind the camera.. I tried posing, for example the above panda shot, and I got tired after 2 tries!
Baby Willie
But it worked for us both.. Willie's hands really deliver blurry shots..
Even with the stabilizer on..
Little Mermen
Anyway, he looks better posing.. LOL

Almost there!
See what I mean!?
My Angel
I used to think that we should be able to see a little of the personalities of our future kids in ourselves. Despite all his cheekiness, he's quite an angel. I could do with having him as a son. He's pretty much my brat anyway..
Up, 2, 3, 4..
With all embarrassment, I had to show this which took as much pain as an actual ballet lesson. I swear!
Willie Walker
He, who walks all over.. It's quite a small "museum", if it had to be called one, compared to what I see from their website.. Maybe, it was moderate.. too much posing and walking would have drained us too much.. so ya, we had a great time..
Buy your tickets online! I only found out they were cheaper later.. ⊙_☉ Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa 26 Sentosa Gateway Singapore 098138 MON-SUN: 10AM - 9PM

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