Friday, 31 October 2014

Old and New Friends - Auckland Day Two

We woke up fairly early on our second day but we didn't leave the hotel until nearly lunch time. It took us a while to actually get up and get ready. I felt so tired and just wanted to stay in bed but we have to explore. We had our first brunch at Carl's Jr. Out of so many food to choose from, I don't know why we chose a fast food but all goods, we haven't tried it anyway. It was good too. A bit fattening but that does even matter? We're on holiday. 

After our brunch, we went around Queen St. We tried walking to Britomart, thought we got lost but realised that we're already there. I had no idea how far our hotel actually was until we had to walk everywhere. We wanted to take the bus but it's too confusing for me to understand in an instant so walk it is. Good exercise from all the food we ate and we'll be eating anyway.

We went back to the hotel to have a little rest. At 3pm, Sophia's (my friend from university) boyfriend picked us up. Months before this trip, I told Sophia that we're coming to Auckland and that we should meet up because it's been a while that we haven't seen each other. She had work so she told me that her boyfriend will be touring us for a bit. He was running late though so we went straight to Sylvia Park and waited for Sophia. We walked around the mall and I bought some comfy shoes. I sorta prefer their shopping malls than ours

We had an early dinner at Limon Restaurant at the viaduct. They have a really good location but it was a little windy and chilly so we sat inside. Their food is really nice too. 

We shared stories, talked about a lot of things and basically catch up on everything while eating. After dinner, they toured us around. They brought us to Mission Bay, One Tree Hill, Stardome, and Mount Eden. We also went to the night market where we bought Philippine Mangoes, Peppa Pig Decals, some gifts and food. Me and Sophia also got a hair wrap. 

They then introduced us to their friends. We had a few drinks and shared stories, jokes and all that. It was a very funny night. We were meant to go to the casino and clubs but we thought that being with their company is a lot better. It feels good meeting new people who are really fun to be with and aren't shy to be themselves around other people. Those are my ideal friends.

We laughed probably the whole night but we eventually had to go. We went home around 3 or 4 am I think. It was very tiring but we enjoyed our second day in Auckland. There's a lot of pictures to share but I'll do that some other time. This post will load very slow if I upload all the pictures in here. Day three on the next post. 

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