Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Blogtember - Personality Test

Let's talk personality types. Introverted? Extroverted? Unsure-troverted? ;) If you know your Myers-Briggs type, tell us about it! If not, you can take this similar test and share your results.

I had a little idea of what the result might be before I took this Myers-Briggs test. And yes, they're somewhat accurate. I'm not even sure how to explain this because it says it all. I'm an introvert. I'd rather spend my time in a peaceful, quiet place than be in a crowd. I've always preferred that, and it's more noticeable now that I'm a mother. I'd rather be at home with my family. I'm also an emotional person. More often, I follow my heart  than my mind even though I clearly know that it's not really the best thing to do.

My personality is a bit weird (lol) but I sorta prefer it that way. I can't see myself as a centre of the crowd and I won't just imagine an adventure in my head. I'd be the first one to do it. Just like the sky jump that we'll be doing next month, I can't wait. Have you done the Myers-Briggs test? Are you surprised with your result?

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