Thursday, 28 August 2014

We Were at A Live TV Show

Something funny and interesting happened last night. Patrick usually comes home late on a wednesday night but he had a shift change so he got home a little early. He stopped playing after his first game at Dota 2 because we wanted to finish The Walking Dead Game. I was preparing his dinner when he a friend of ours mentioned that TV 3 is outside our house of something like that. I thought, why on earth would a TV station be here at this time. It was around 10:30 and it was really cold so it didn't made sense to me. I went to Kaelyn's room and peeked at the window. I saw a couple of guys at the end of the street but thought, eh they must be just passing by. 

Ted, the one who told us about the station being here, was raging and telling us we're missing out. Apparently they're doing a game where you'll have to answer a question and if you get it right, you'll win a brand new car. After a few debates, we got dressed and went outside to have a look. There they were at the end of the street, right where I saw a couple of guys before. There were also a number of people too, a camera man and lights. They were doing a live show and they asked us if they wanted us to join in to be in the show. Heck Yeah! 

Patrick and Kaelyn were in the middle right in front of the newscaster while I was on the far end. I didn't want to block other people so I stayed at the end. The newscaster mentioned something that we'll go live in 30 seconds, so I thought better fix my hair. I had no idea were on air the whole time until after I saw the replay. We weren't chosen to be the one who'll take part in the 9 in 10 game. The question was name different currencies in 10 seconds. The lady were only able to answer two. I probably wouldn't be able to speak if I was chosen. I know a few currencies but being put under the spot, my brain will go blank for sure. 

I guess that's one of my bucket list crossed. Kaelyn got shy because of new people around her. The light was too bright too so she turned around quickly. It's okay that we didn't get chosen. It was a fun experience. Who knew we'd be on TV.

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