Monday, 25 August 2014

Twenty Three Years.

It's my birthday. Well, it was really yesterday but I count the day before and the day after as my birthday too especially when it's on a weekend. I'm not sure why, it just feel like it. I rarely celebrate my birthday. It's usually spent having dinner with family and I've never paid much attention since it's just a normal day for me. Whenever it's my birthday, I just want to stay home and be lazy all day. When I was still at uni, that never was the case because exams always fall on that day. This year though, I've been busy with moving, work and Kaelyn, all I wanted to do was rest and spend it with my family. My very lovely partner still bossed me around. Also, my parents and sisters were meant to come but they cancelled the last minute. I was a little annoyed and sad. I know it's probably selfish of me to ask for these but they weren't even big things, right? But life happens. Everyone has their own thing so I decided to just go to the mall and brush it off.

We met up with my sister and her boyfriend, looked around the mall then had an impromptu dinner at Buddha Stix with some friends. It's a fancy type of restaurant. I've been wanting to eat there for so long but just never got to it. 

I love the food. It's probably one of the best one I've been to yet. A little expensive but the serving is big so it's just fair. Kaelyn ate most of my food and that means it's good.

Kaelyn was fairly in a good mood too. She cried for a bit while waiting for the food because she started getting hungry but she's in her best behaviour after that. She even smiled for pictures which was hard to do before. 

We went to our house afterwards and the same shenanigans happened. They played Ps4, played poker, watch movies and what not. 

It was a fun night. I'm glad we ate at that restaurant. It was lovely, and they have good service too. I guess the day wasn't so bad after all. Maybe just went a little overboard with spending money but hey, it was my birthday. 

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