Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Second Home

Moving to New Zealand was the biggest event that happened in my entire life. I was hesitant at first to be honest. If you read one of my throwback thursdays post, I mentioned that I was a little sad because at that time, I wanted to join my friends. I was meant to start college but my parents had a plan. It was their greatest plan yet. Moving here gave us a lot of great opportunities and start a new life. I'm really happy that we're living in this beautiful country.

]Six years later, we're officially citizens of New Zealand. We attended the citizenship ceremony on Monday. It was pouring down and very cold but we got up and got ready. I have Patrick and Kaelyn as my guests. Patrick took all of the pictures and he actually did a pretty good job. 

Kaelyn sat beside me and Patrick sat infront of us because guests had to seat separately. Because of that, Kaelyn kept standing up and kept poking her daddy. She was in a really good mood. I thought she will be grumpy because she only slept for 30 minutes but she was really happy. She even greeted the lady that sat beside us. 

When we were called on stage, I brought Kaelyn with me. We said the Oath of Allegiance and then the Mayor of Upper Hutt handed our citizenship certificate. Kaelyn enjoyed being on stage. She was smiling and laughing. She loved the spotlight.

Handshake with the Mayor
Kaelyn is totally loving the spotlight

The ceremony was short and simple. I thought it would be an hour or two but it was less than an hour. After that, we took pictures with the Mayor and had a little afternoon tea with the rest of the other new citizens.

We then went back to my parents house for a little dinner. My youngest sister made her special pizza. She makes her own dough. I swear, she is better than me when it comes to baking and making things. My mom also bought KFC and made spaghetti. I was so full. We went home late because Patrick was so full and couldn't move. 

Delicious pizza
My sisters played with Kaelyn and she responded well. She was a little hesitant but after giving her crayons and papers, she became happy. My little sister got lucky because she got a kiss from Kaelyn. That rarely happens so she is very lucky.

Kisses for you
We stayed for a little bit and watched My Kitchen Rules while Kaelyn run around the house and inspect each drawers. It was a fun day despite of the weather. My parents got to see Kaelyn again since my sister's birthday. She has definitely became more social this time. 

Philippines will always be my home but I'm proud and happy that New Zealand is my second home. We have been presented with lots of opportunities and I'm so grateful for that.

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