Sunday, 10 August 2014

Petone Carnival 2014

This post is long overdue because you know, life happens. And also, I have been trying to upload the video that I made since the other night. I wanted to post it at the same time, I am a perfectionist like that. Last weekend, we went to the Petone Carnival. It was held right infront of our house. It was originally schedulled on a saturday but the weather wasn't really pleasant so it was postponed to a sunday. The weather did became better. We were able to see them set up their stalls and rides early in the morning. It was so cool because I've never been in a carnival and now, I was able to see them set it up and clean it down afterwards. 

There were games, food stalls and the most famous scream machine ride. We didn't stay for long because it was cold and we didn't want to spend money on games. We did witness the Polar Plunge though. Groups of people in costume, went for a swim on the beach and had a competition. We were also able to taste the most amazing (for me, anyway) woodfired pizza. The line was so long, we had to wait but it just meant that it is really that good. 

We went home after that so that Kaelyn could take a nap. We went back when it was time for the bonfire. I haven't been to a bonfire in so long and that felt so good and warm. After that, it was time for the Fireworks. Kaelyn loved it! She was sleepy during the bonfire but when the fireworks start, she woke up and started pointing and shouting. She was so happy. It was her first time to actually see fireworks because the last time that we watched one, she fell asleep. I knew she's going to love it.

It was also the day to try out the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition that I bought last week. I bought it because I'll be using it when we go to Auckland in two months time but I know I need to practice using it and getting to know the basics. I'm not really good with technology and such so a practice is a must for me. It's actually cool to use because I can take pictures while I capture the video. Although I still get confused on whether it's on video or on image. I'll get the hang of it eventually. For the meantime, check this video I took at the carnival. It's bits and pieces of the scream machine ride, bonfire, fireworks and polar plunge.

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