Friday, 9 May 2014

"I Want to Eat on my Own, Mommy"

It's getting messy around our household lately. The culprit?  No other than little miss Kaelyn! She is behind every little mess around. I tidy up our room, she opens up drawers and put the clothes out. I clean up her room, she pulls out her toys. Same goes in the living room. She rearranges everything. It's a never ending cycle. The same thing happens when she's eating. A total mess.

I have been trying to let her to eat on her own. She prefers it to be that way lately or else she won't eat. Teaching her how to use the spoon is still a struggle so she's eating with her bare hands. 

Yup, these pictures say it all. You wouldn't want to see what's on the floor too. She can even manage to scratch her head even if her hands are all full of cream. Oh, I have a kid alright. This happens at least 3 times a day plus snacks. I can't complain cause as long as she's eating, it's fine. She just loves to eat pretty much everything as long as she does it on her own. It just makes my meal time a little peaceful too so win win for us. Yay! I still wish she gets to use her hello kitty spoon soon. 

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