Friday, 4 April 2014

One Year Old Development

It has been a month since Baby K turned one year old yet I still can't put my mind on it. It has just been way too fast for me and everything needs to slow down a little. I remember last year, I was nervous and scared. I wasn't quite sure how I will manage taking care of her. I have an experience in taking care of babies/kids. I have four siblings and I helped my mom took care of them while she works but that's different. If I could't do it, she will take over. Not this time around. I had to do everything on my own. I had to trust my own instinct to judge whether it's good or bad. Remember, I had a lot of posts of me worrying because I might not be doing them right. But heck, everything went smoothly. Although, I can still clearly remember how rough that first week was. 
One year later and my little darling is just perfect. She is one curious toddler and picks up whatever interests her. She walks faster than I am and will go everywhere that she wants to. She loves playing with shoes but hates wearing them. She is obsessed with toilet rolls, Tv remote and controllers. She has switched her love for strawberries to blueberries. She loves talking on the phone and would go around the house, talking as if it's a very important call.

She loves it when we go for walks and visit the library. Although, she can never sit still and finish one story. She always wants to go around and explore (or just mess up the dvd section). When it comes to eating, she will eat just about anything and sometimes, she prefers to do it by herself. I'm still on the process of teaching her how to use the spoon correctly. 

She is my little dancer. Whenever she hears a good music or even his dad's singing, she will start dancing. Or she will just start dancing out of nowhere, sometimes even when I'm breastfeeding her. That's how big her love for dance is (still better be when she grows up, haha). 

I am still yet to teach her new words. I'm not quite sure how I'll be doing it since she rarely listens to me when I tell her a story. The only words she can say are dada, papa, mama (finally!), dadi, and gigi (if you're a game, you'll probably know what this means lol). I'm still grasping to the fact that she is a toddler. Whenever friends and family come and visit us, they always say that she grew big and my thought was, really? She looks the same to me. I guess that's what you get for staying with your kid 24/7. But then, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Being her mommy is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

But seriously, any thoughts on how I should teach her to learn new words?
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