Saturday, 19 April 2014

How to Make Your Baby’s Days Joyful? (Guest Post)

Parenthood is an incredibly joyful, but responsible phase of everyone’s life. It can be damn boring at times unless you engage in interesting activities. So do check out these activities and let the good times begin.
1.     Go on a picnic: You need not think too much about going on a picnic. Your picnic spot could be a nearby park. Just pack your lunch, take a couple of blankets and set out. Your baby will absolutely like the grass tickling his or her feet. Have your baby on your lap and let it enjoy the scenery. Even if your baby is too small to play all by himself, he will enjoy others play. Watching dogs, squirrels and birds itself is a great mode of entertainment.

2.     Think of a class: If your baby is into nursery, it will be time to think of a mom-baby yoga class. There are classes engaging both mom and the baby. Music classes are a great choice for parents and children. The benefits of music are manifold no matter if it is used therapeutically or for entertainment.

3.     Painting: Kids love to draw pictures and to paint anything they get their hands on. It is a smart idea to allow your baby join you in painting. A couple of papers and some colors are good enough for a kid to start off. Parents can even try their hands on pottery-painting. Kids will always have interest in painting, but it will be more so when their parents also join them.
4.     Rock with music:  Dust your CDs out and dig into your collection of songs. Play whatever suits both your baby and you the most. Shake your legs. Your kid will be still more drawn towards dancing. It is fun to be with babies and watch them enjoy life. You do not need to know dance professionally, but it is a good method to unwind yourself. It is, perhaps, the best time of your life when your baby joins you in the act. Listen to your favorite songs of the good old days. It will help you relive the sweet memories along with giving you a rejuvenating experience along with your baby. If your baby is old enough to understand stories, you can as well tell him about your younger days and how you came to develop a liking towards  those songs.
5.     Talk to animals: Go to a pet store with your baby. There is nothing like it for your baby. Being a parent you would love to sit back and enjoy your baby giggle with the pets. Identify the animals and 
6.     Soak with your little one: Sharing the bath tub with your baby will be an experience of a lifetime.  If your baby is more playful, bath toys and plastic cups would enrich the experience. Do not fill the tub too high and have a hold on your child. It will be a bonding experience by all means. Such seemingly simple activities definitely mean a lot to your baby.

Robert Jensen is a freelance writer and currently working for, an online platform to help students with thesis writing best reviews and other study tips.

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