Monday, 2 December 2013

Bedtime Routine Dilemma

I have a dilemma and have no idea how to fix it. Baby K is turning nine months on thursday and she still doesn't have a good bedtime routine. She sleeps late, probably the only baby who sleeps at that time. No matter what I do, she just refuses to sleep. If she ever does sleep, she will just wake up after an hour or two and start playing. I'm going crazy because I always get the "why isn't she still sleeping? All babies are meant to be asleep at 7pm". I know that and I've tried everything but it's just not working for her. 

I always get this face whenever I tell her it's bedtime
She gets roughly 10-12 hours of sleep at night and have two naps during the day. She just doesn't sleep at the right time. She eats her dinner around 6 to 7 at night, plays after that and before 9 pm, she has already taken a bath. I'll read a bedtime story or two and then try to nurse her to sleep. She will nurse but after 30 minuses, she will let go as if she just acquired more energy and play. Even though the room is fairly quiet and dark, she will stand up, tap and shout until I notice her. It varies every night. If she ever get to sleep at 9:30 pm, she will wake up just before 11:30 pm and will play and wait especially since that is the time that her daddy comes home from work. Other nights, she just continue to play even though she's so tired. She fights sleeping and it's kind of annoying because I've tried everything to make her fall asleep. Last night, I tried leaving her on the crib but the sound of her crying just doesn't sound right so I picked her up again. 

I actually don't know how we got to this routine because in her first few months, she sleeps just fine. She might have included in the routine the time when her daddy comes home. It's driving me insane because I know she's so tired but then she doesn't want to sleep and because of that, I lose sleep by thinking of ways on what to do. I think it will be a little difficult to do a proper bedtime routine since all three of us sleep in one room. Her cot is just across our bed. Another is that just outside our room is where the TV is and it's always noisy because the loud volume. So yea, that is my biggest dilemma. That's why I always make sure that Baby K gets her naps during day time. Her day time nap schedule is working, it's just the bedtime routine. How about you, how did you manage to implement a bedtime routine to your little one? Any advices? 

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  1. I think it’s tough when you’re sleeping in the same room only because when she cries it’s harder to ignore. I was able to kick Dylan out of my room before he turned a month old because he was waking up every couple of hours to nurse and while he was sleeping his little alien sounds kept me up so I had to force him out. It sounds like you have a routine down but she gets just enough sleep to recharge for playtime. If you can ignore her when dad comes home or whenever she wakes up I would try that (though I realize how hard that must be). If it were me, I would try co-sleeping because it sounds like you’ve tried everything else. I hope you figure it out soon because mommy needs her sleep too!

    1. I try to ignore her when her daddy comes home but it's her daddy that notices her every time. I've reminded him thousand of times to try not to talk to her because it's bedtime but it never happens. We actually do co sleep. That's the only way I could get her to sleep but even that, it still takes a while. I just want her to learn how to sleep on her own crib for once but I guess it won't be happening anytime soon. Oh well. thank you for your advice! :)


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