Thursday, 28 November 2013

Messy Baby

Baby K is certainly growing up. Next week, she is turning nine months old and I'm sure that by the end of next month, she'll be able to stand all by herself. Is there a time machine available anywhere because I sure can use one. My baby girl is growing too fast and I feel like everything went by quickly when it comes to her. Whenever I see a newborn baby, I try to remember how our lives were when she was that tiny. I couldn't because it seemed like she's been little miss show off ever since. 

One of the most noticeable sign that she is indeed growing up is the way she eats. When I introduced solid foods to her when she was just five months old, she liked it but she won't eat a lot. I thought it would be a problem because she sometimes won't eat the food that I'll give her. I just realised that she does not want what I give her because she doesn't like some of the vegetables. When her aunt or her grandma feeds her, she just takes whatever. That is so unfair. I think I've given too much vegetables to her and now, she's noticed them. Although lately, she will eat whatever I give her. This time, she wants to eat using her own hands that's why it is always a mess during lunch and dinner time. 

"This is very yummy"
As you all know, strawberries are her ultimate favourite. If she doesn't finish her food, I'll just give her a strawberry or two just to make sure that she will be full. The only problem is that she drops it on the carpet a few times. Of course, I'll wash it before I give it back to her. She does it a few times, thinking it's a game. It's fun until I realise that it is staining the carpet and I have no idea how I'll be able to remove it. Not so fun anymore, that's for sure. I have thought of putting a newspaper on the floor but she sometimes throw her strawberry far away so I don't think that is helpful. 

That is just the beginning
It's always fun and games until you realise that you've made an absolute mess which you have no idea how to clean. She is adorable though, even when she has lots of strawberries in her face. Not only her face but also her clothes are full of strawberries. Oh, it doesn't only happen when she eats strawberries alright. It ALWAYS happens. It has come to that stage where in no matter how careful I could be, she will just become messy. 

Yes, she eats while she watches her favourite show
Luckily, it doesn't happen when we are out. I make sure to bring a different snack for her when we're out and about because I don't want her to feel sticky all day. Despite being messy, she seems to be enjoying her food. I wonder when she'll be able to eat using her spoon. That will be interesting to see. 
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