Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend

Baby K is now feeling better, just in time for her monthly birthday. She turned seven months on saturday and we had a little celebration. They bought some Thai food and Patrick bought a black forest cake to celebrate. Baby K wore a pretty floral body suit, of course she has to dress pretty as always. 
"Do you like my outfit?"

Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas
We played for a bit after that and then Patrick's friends came. For some reason, my bottom wisdom tooth hurt so much so I tried to put baby K to sleep. I wanted to sleep but I couldn't because of my tooth. I slept probably at 4 in the morning. I woke up on sunday with my tooth still hurting. It was so hard eating my food, I could barely chew it. I wasn't able to enjoy the food. In the afternoon, we went to T&T children's store because they have a sale. I was meant to only buy sleeveless tops and shorts but I ended up buying lots of stuff. 

Shopping is fun
She is need of summer clothes anyway and it was a good sale. I tried resting that night but my sore tooth still took my good sleep. Baby K kept waking up in the middle of the night and so was I.
Monday morning, I felt a fever coming and by lunch time, I started feeling dizzy and cold. Having a fever together with a sore tooth is the worst feeling ever. I had a hard time looking after the baby. Luckily, Shelby was here and she was helping me take care of her. 

Up until now, I am sick and I'm hating it. Is it possible to have a fever when your tooth hurts? Or better yet, Baby K must have passed it on to me. I won't be surprised if Patrick gets sick by the end of the week. Wishing you all a good week. 


  1. I've heard of fevers accompanying tooth aches, so maybe that's what it is? Geeze it seems like you cant catch a break with the sickness! :[ I'm sorry I hope you feel better..but in better news, you got black forest cake!!! MY FAVORITE! mmm :]

    1. really? 'cause that cake was the bomb! No matter how much my tooth was hurting, I couldn't just stay away from that cake. It was so yummy. So I guess it's possible huh? That's so weird, I just can't wait for my dentist appointment next week and hope everything is okay. Thank you! Hope you had a good weekend :)

  2. I hope you're feeling better. I remember you getting your wisdom tooth pulled earlier this year. I thought you had gotten them all. So sorry that you're hurting. Loving all the pretty little things that you got baby K and she's so adorable in her little flower bodysuit. Hope you're having a better week.

    1. I only had one wisdom tooth pulled out. I think I'm getting all of them out this time because of the pain. It's a little better now though, thank you. Hehe, hope you have a good weekend!:)


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