Monday, 14 October 2013

Standing up at Seven Months?

It is just me or trying to stand up at the age of seven months is a little early? Maybe I just wasn't paying much attention to what I've been reading about baby developments because this little one has been showing off lately. She has been constantly standing up whenever she gets the chance. Whenever we have our regular play time, she will be crawling around the living room. After a while, she will then lean on you or on the pillow, and tries to stand up. I kept telling her no and just sit down but she smiles at me and continues what she's doing. 

"Look at me, mommy"

"ooh, what's this?"
It is so overwhelming because she is just seven months and she's so eager to stand up. She, in fact, loves it and does it whenever she gets a chance. She is so adorable but then, so little, to be standing up like that. Patrick even takes her for a walk, like she's a big kid already. She loves walking around the house, with her daddy guiding her. When he stops, she cries non stop until he walks her again. She is one smart kid, I tell you. If something doesn't go her way, she will annoy one of us or cries until she gets what she wants. For instance, if she's not allowed to touch a particular thing, she will have a fit and won't stop until she's satisfied. Unfortunately, everyone gives in and makes sure she gets what she wants. She's so spoiled by everyone, even me. I can't help but just give in on what she wants. I know I shouldn't raise her like that, but it's so hard to see her cry for something. I'm still working on how not to give in. I've been trying to only honour her requests of hungry, nappy change, and sleep. It's a little hard but getting there. I don't want her to be so spoiled because it will be harder when she grows up.  


  1. Dylan was standing at 7 months too, but from what I've read it is a little early! Our babies are total show off, smarty pant manipulators and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Just look at baby k's smile in that first picture, it is so hard not to give her the world even if it means chopping off your hand.

    1. Exactly!! Whenever I see her smile, I just melt inside and give in. I couldn't help it. I'm trying not to let her stand though but it's just too hard. She tries to stand whenever she sees an opportunity to do so. Haha! Show off!! I have noticed that so many babies like ours start standing up at a young age. It's so weird.


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