Monday, 9 September 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend

This past weekend was very tiring, for me at least. I've been sick with a very annoying headache (until now, unfortunately). I have no idea why that headache keeps coming back and it hurts very badly whenever it comes back. As a result, I had done nothing except lay in bed. It's been hard to play with Baby K especially now that she's been in a good mood. She's been so talkative and cheerful and it's so hard to talk to her with this splitting headache and a very sore throat. 

We stayed home on saturday because I wanted to rest and get better hoping that it will go away but it didn't. I used up a lot of tissues because of my cold. I had paracetamol but it seems to have little effect on me. When I woke up on sunday morning, I felt a little better. No headache, just a little bit of cold and cough. I thought I was getting better. We had to go to a house blessing/birthday celebration/novena so we had to get ready early. We walked down to the house since it was only a few blocks away and the weather was good. 

Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas

It was a house blessing, birthday celebration for Patrick's dad, Me, and Baby K's 6th month, and novena. There were a lot of people, the house was crowded with half of them I don't know. The food was good, I didn't eat a lot. I'm trying not to eat a lot although, I couldn't resist with the desserts and the rice cakes. I mean, mocha cake, cupcakes, leche flan, buko pandan, those are my weakest point. They were really good. I must have eaten more dessert than the main course which is probably bad. 

Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas

Baby K's 6th month cupcake tower

We were there until dinner time. Patrick bought his Injustice game so that there's a little entertainment. I watched them play and laugh at each other, it was indeed entertaining. I had a little rest from taking care of baby K too, because there were a lot of people who wanted to play with her. She wasn't in a very good mood in the beginning though. She got overwhelmed by how many people there were so she decided to cry and cry. It got better half way through though. She even got a couple of new dress and new pairs of socks. 

When we got home, I changed her and tried to put her to sleep but she wanted to play so it took a little longer before she had her sleep. She was tired but she tried not to sleep just to play. It took over an hour but she finally went to sleep but she woke up a few times during the night which made my headache worse. 

I think that walk must have made me more sick because of the chilly wind. I can't believe how long I've been sick now. It usually only takes me a couple of days to recover. I guess I'm not having enough rest but then again, how can I rest when no one can look after baby K. Oh well. Hope you'll have a good week ahead. 

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  1. That party looks amazing, the detail involved is incredibly impressive. Don't you love when people want to take your baby away from you to play and you get to actually enjoy yourself? lol it's kind of fun


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