Monday, 23 September 2013


During the first few weeks of Baby K's arrival at home, I wasn't able to do much around the house. All I did was look after her and feed her, and a little bit of laundry. She was so fragile that I always leave her on her crib unless she's feeding. I didn't want to hold her while doing chores because it's just too hard and I'm always thinking about her safety.

I have been trying to think of how I could do chores easily and take care of Baby K at the same time. Of course, it isn't easy and I did try a lot of things.  I used a baby carrier but found it too hard since I can't reach things without having her too close to the sink so washing the dishes wasn't ideal. I then decided to buy the bouncer which I should have done it a long time ago. It was good, helped me quite a bit. I was able to do dishes, clean around the house and even shower for a bit ( she was in the bouncer inside the bathroom as well ). It was a good help until she decided to touch her bouncer and try to roll over. Ever since then, I couldn't leave her very long in her bouncer anymore. We then bought her high chair. It helped a bit too, but she doesn't like sitting in there for more than 5 minutes or so. I'm not even sure why. Now, I've been letting her play on her play mat for a bit while I do chores quickly. Apart from trying to make sure she won't bump on chairs, tables and vases, everything has been okay so far. 

Of course, it is not always effective. There will be times where she will prefer to be carried rather than sitting on her chair or playing on her mat. Because of that, I have learned to multitask and I think most moms master this eventually. So far, these are the things I can do:

  • Tidy up while carrying her - I have managed to tidy up the kitchen, dining and living room while carrying her. As long as it doesn't involve heavy dish washing and sharp utensils, I'm good to go.
  • Cook while carrying her - This only applies when it isn't frying food. When she is down for her nap, I start chopping up ingredients, prepping the things that I'll need. When I'm done, she'll be awake so we'll play for a bit and when it's nearly 5 pm, I'll start cooking so it's ready when they come home. 
  • Hanging out laundry with her - This is where the bouncer come in really handy. I bring out the bouncer, and the pile of clothes. I then put her down on her bouncer, really close to me so I can keep an eye out on her while hanging out the clothes. This is good because she can get some fresh air and have some sun.
  • Eat while breastfeeding her - This is the first one that I mastered. It was easy before but now that she's interested in what other people are doing, it's a little hard but I can still do it. I eat using one hand while I hold her on one hand with my legs supporting her body. 
  • Browse the internet while carrying her/breastfeeding - this is quite easy and I think most moms can do this unless she's interested with my laptop and start tapping it. 
  • Play computer game while carrying her/breastfeeding - of course, I need to make my partner happy but there will be times that Baby K wants to be by my side to I started to learn how to do this. I only have to click the mouse so it's not too bad.
Of course, I always prioritise her first. If I can do both, I will but if I can't, I'll take care of her first and the rest can wait. Sometimes, it's hard to manage doing both things at the same time but I'm getting there.  It's not easy but I know I can do it. I just need a good management and multitasking. It's what being a mother is about, right?


  1. You sure got that right! Motherhood is all about multi-tasking. You might want to invest in a playpen where she still has the room but she's also free to stand up when can eventually and play as well. Then you won't have to worry about her falling etc. Hope you had a good Monday today.

    1. That's a good idea. I'll definitely be looking at playpens. That way, I won't be a paranoid freak. haha! Hope you're having a good week!

  2. It is so difficult to get things done and keep the baby happy. I make the rounds on whatever I can, mamaroo, super seat, playmat, bouncer and the walker. But it doesn't seem to matter because they eventually get bored with it and want more stimulation. It's always those times I wish I had a ten minute nanny. lol

    1. I know right! They get bored of things easy when you just put them there a few minutes ago. I'm still trying to think more ideas on how I can make her happy and be productive at the same time.


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