Tuesday, 24 September 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend

The weather is still crazy here in New Zealand. I can't believe it's spring when it's so cold outside with the rain pouring so hard. It almost hindered us from going to the novena and mass but the rain slowed down a bit. After lunch on saturday, I put Baby K for a quick nap and then got her ready. We should be leaving before 3pm so we won't be late. Little one wasn't in a good mood because she only had a very short nap. Luckily, she fell asleep during the mass. 

The whole celebration is dedicated to Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia. Also, it was Father Raymond's birthday so it was a joined celebration therefore, there were lots of people present. After the mass, we headed to the venue where the shared dinner is going to be held. The venue was packed, it was so hot and noisy and Baby K didn't liked it. She was crying and kept pinching me so I had to go upstairs where there's only a few children playing. I fed her and after that, she was happy again. She was okay when other people carried her unlike before. I was so glad she stopped crying because if she continued, I'd have to go home. She's been like that a few times already. She doesn't want to be around a lot of people and noisy environment. I wasn't able to witness the whole program except half of the singing part. I wasn't even able to get my own food, except desserts. Shelby brought me food, thank goodness because I was so hungry. I wasn't that impressed with the food though. I only liked mainly the desserts. But c'mon, who doesn't? When Patrick arrived from his work, we went straight home because it was getting late. Baby K went straight to bed after that. She was exhausted, I was too. 

It was still cloudy on sunday. Patrick had to work really early so I was up early too. Baby K had regained all her strength after a 10-hour sleep. She was so happy and bubbly all day.

Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas

She was CRAWLING everywhere. Well, not quite everywhere. She was just crawling towards where her toys and the cellphone is. I can't believe she's crawling. She can't even sit yet. Whenever she sees a cellphone, she will crawl towards it. She is so adorable.

"Target acquired"

"Tita Shelby, gimme your phone"

She still gets off balance from time to time and she's still a little slow but she is crawling. I was so surprised but then again, I knew she'll be crawling a little early because she's been moving around lately. We stayed home all day, watched Baby K move around. I must say, it was quite an eventful weekend. I can't wait for this weekend to come though. There's a tulip spring festival in Wellington and  all of us are going. I can't wait. I'm hoping the weather is good. 


  1. I love that last picture where she's grabbing Tita Shelby's hair! Don't feel too bad, Dylan hates loud noisy environments too. I've had people tell me "well you should play the tv really loud so he gets used to loud noise" but quite honestly, why would I want to pollute my baby's ears with noise? It is what it is, their babies! Baby K is such a cutie I cant even stand it. My head is going to explode from all the collage cuteness

    1. I know what you mean. They're babies. They prefer a peaceful environment and they are the only ones who have the right to be noisy if they want to haha! Wishing you a great weekend! x

  2. We haven't had great weather here either and just like K I don't like noisy places either. I try to avoid them as much as possible. I can't believe she's crawling already. I just saw the video but since I missed this post I'm commenting on this first. I love the photos especially the ones with the flowers. :)

    1. Thank you! I know, she crawled before she started sitting on her own. I couldn't believe it. Me too actually, I prefer places where there's calm and peace. Too much noise just stresses me. Hope you're having a great weekend :) x


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