Monday, 5 August 2013

Infant Formula Issue

New Zealand is well known for exporting dairy products but recent news have surfaced that might cause a downfall in their business. It has been recently announced that one of its infant formula is at risk of contamination which might cause botulism. I've read and watched news about this over the weekend and if you want to read the story, here is one: Fonterra faces a grilling over its contamination scandal.

My mom messaged me about this news on sunday morning and as soon as I read it, I ran to the kitchen and double checked the batch number of the milk that I've been using. I breastfeed baby K because I know it's good for her but I also use formula especially when her grandmother is taking care of her. It's easier for me that way but hearing about this news makes me worry. There are other formulas out there and I've tried one and it's not the same as Karicare because she's used to it and she likes it better. The one we tried before, she just doesn't want to drink it. Hearing about this makes me re think of buying their product even after they fix everything. It's scary thinking that the milk that your baby is drinking could cause her to be sick. I know there's a lot of moms using this formula, not just in New Zealand but in other parts of the world too. I hope they fix this problem and make sure that everything is safe before formulating and distributing their product. 

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