Monday, 5 August 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend

Every saturday, Patrick has a 12 to 8pm work shift so we usually don't go anywhere. We only go to church at night so that sunday is a full rest and family day. However, last saturday was different. He was given a shift change of 10am to 6pm which was perfect because it was the Winter Carnival at Petone. Although we didn't managed to explore the carnival because it rained a little, we were still able to watch the fireworks. 

Photo credit: Camille Parreno-Villa & Kervin Viagedor

We arrived at the esplanade nearly 7:30pm which was when the fireworks show will start. Baby K wasn't afraid at all. I put her beanie and hood and carried her so that she will be able to see everything. I thought she would cry or be scared because it's too loud but she wasn't. She stared at the fireworks in all awe. I think she liked it because it's bright and has different colours. She also kept looking around, seeing what is everybody doing. The fireworks lasted for about 10 minutes or so and she didn't cry once. I'm so happy she got to see it. Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos as you know, I was carrying her. Good thing, some friends were there to take a couple of photos. It was really fun. 

Photo Credit: Camille Parreno-Villa & Kervin Viagedor

Since we enjoyed our saturday a bit more than usual, our sunday was a complete rest day for us. We slept in, stayed home, watched a movie and just spent our time together. We actually spent the whole afternoon in the gaming room because Patrick wanted to play his xbox and wanted all three of us to be there. So, we opened the heater, brought my laptop, baby K's bouncer and toys and just hung out there. 

Baby K enjoyed being in a new room since she hasn't been there in few months. I usually don't want to bring her there because the room is cold but we discovered that there's actually a heater installed and so I said, why not. The only thing I didn't like was she wasn't able to sleep that long but overall, it was okay. She's enjoying sitting on her bouncer while watching her dad play NBA. It's funny because when I was playing with her, she wasn't paying attention to me. She just lets me hold her, looks at her dad and do all these cute facial expressions, asking for his attention. It was too cute, I can't believe how he missed it. 

My weekend was fun, it has always been because I spend it with my family. How about you? How was your weekend?


  1. Que linda!!!! Your family is jus beautiful...Can't wait to read more of you blog.


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