Thursday, 29 August 2013

Five Months Development

It's nearly the end of August, can you believe it? Another month just passed by and I feel like I didn't even feel the whole of it. It also means that Baby K is turning six months. Yes, six months! I am in shock on how fast the time goes. Is it really like this when you become a mom?

Things have been exciting and tiring this month. She has perfected her rolling over from back to tummy. She now rolls over whenever I put her down. And lately, she's been rolling from tummy to back. Not quite perfect but she can do it. I wasn't able to see how she did it the first time because I just turned to get something and when I looked at her, she's already laying on her back. This happened quite a few times. I think she's secretly doing it so that I won't be able to take a video of it, sneaky baby.   She can also move from side to side a little bit. Whenever she sees a toy she wants from the other side of the bed, she tries her best to reach it and she does get there. It's so cute seeing her move bit by bit.

This month was also when she had her first taste of food. If you can remember on my previous post a few weeks ago, she had her squash and loved it. Now, she just doesn't want to stop eating. I've been feeding her twice a day and thinking of making it three times since she seems hungrier than ever. I love how she doesn't complain though. Whenever I'm introducing a new taste, she will just make a funny face and still eat it. It's been really good so far.

The past couple of weeks have been tiring though. She's been so clingy and restless. She always wants to play and be carried. She instantly cries when she realises that I'm about to put her down on her crib. There will also come a time when she's happily playing and I get out of the room quickly to get something, she will start crying. It seems like she senses where I am and know when I get too far. Yesterday, I wasn't able to do anything because she just want to be with me all the time. 

Sleeping is getting to be a problem too. For the past two days, it takes me an hour or so to put her to bed. I tried to see if she can self settle but she just end up rolling over and playing. Last night was the worst so far. She kept crying, I have no clue why. I just changed her nappy, fed her, changed her clothes and she was still crying. I was getting frustrated because I was so tired. She ended up sleeping at midnight but woke up a few times after that. Her gums must have been hurting. I couldn't think of anything else that could make her cry for so long but that. I feel so miserable for feeling so frustrated about her. I just hope it gets better soon. I'm finding ways to relive the sore gum if it is her gum. 

Other than that, she's a happy little chick. She smiles and laughs more than ever. She loves playing peek a boo with anyone. She still goes to whoever wants to carry her so that's a good sign. Again, she is turning six months next week!! Eeep!

Hope you're all having a good day. Happy Thursday all the way from New Zealand!  

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  1. As always she is adorable. I understand what you're going through with the clingy/needy stage of baby development. I find myself feeling guilty for letting my baby cry and whine when he can’t have my full attention but it is definitely best in the long run. I love being needed but there has to be boundaries because you’re doing a disservice to yourself and your baby if they’re fed, changed and don’t need anything.

    1. Thank you! That's how exactly how I feel. I feel so bad but then again, they'll get used to being carried even though they don't really need anything. I hope this stage will be over soon. It gets tiring for the both of us sometimes.


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