Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend - My Birthday Weekend (Part II)

Here's part two of my What happened over the weekend.

After our mini photo shoot at the park, we went home and Baby K woke up from her quick nap in the car. I tried to put her back to sleep but it took me an hour to do that. Her nap was only for 30-minute which was really bad. She kept waking up and no matter what I did, she just doesn't want to sleep. Our dinner with my family was set at 7pm so we had to get ready and I didn't had any other choice. I changed her clothes, put on some coat and tights and just hoped she goes to sleep in the car.

We had our dinner at Ichiban Teppanyaki. We had to figure out how to order because it was our first time eating there. We had to pick what we wanted to eat and the chef will cook it right in front of us. It took us a while before we decided on what to eat, everything seemed good to me. 

The chef cooked the meat, fish and did the salad first. He cooked the rice last so when it's time to eat the rice, we're full already. The sets that we ordered were really good though. We managed to eat some dessert after that as well.

Our chef was really nice. While waiting for the rice to cook, the chef said that we'll be catching eggs in a bowl. We did it one by one and only my sister's boyfriend caught the egg. I almost caught mine though,  but I was too shaky that it bounced off and hit the table. When the fried rice was cooked, he asked us who wants to catch their rice. I thought he was going to throw the rice by itself but it was in the bowl. Everyone caught their rice though. I didn't do it because I was "holding" the baby. 

Before we left, of course, there's got to be a picture taken.

When we were getting ready to leave, one of the chef came out and said thank you for coming. He then started writing on the grill using a salt backwards, upside down. I was so amazed because his hand writing was so pretty even if he's writing upside down. It was definitely better than my hand writing. It was a really fun night and I'll definitely come back there some other time. 

Baby K went straight to bed when we got home. She was so tired because of lack of sleep and I was exhausted too. It was a good day especially when you're with the people you love. How was your weekend? I know I'm so late but I'll tell you the reason why later. Hope everyone is having a good week.

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