Thursday, 20 June 2013

Something About Me


This is my 3-month old baby girl, Kaelyn Rylai. She's my first daughter which makes it very excited for me and my partner to see her grow up and learn new things. The other day, I saw her trying to roll over in her cot. I got ecstatic and thought, "oh yea, she will be crawling soon" but I knew it will take some time. It's just very overwhelming whenever I see her.
When I learned that I was pregnant a few months back, I had mixed emotions. I knew it was quite early for us and thought that it would be hard since we haven't properly sorted what we want to do with our lives. To be honest, our relationship were in a rough patch. There were times that we're okay but there are times that we argue probably more than a normal couple would. It was confusing for me and I thought that this year is the end of our relationship. But after learning that I'm pregnant, we started working together to make things work. We still had a few ups and downs but it wasn't as bad as it was before. We always compromised and made sure that it won't affect our relationship and it's been good so far. We always try to be fair with each other so that we won't argue about little things.
Kaelyn came to us for a reason and I'm glad that she did. Even though it's hard work raising a baby since we both of us aren't sure of what to do but I know we'll get though it. I wouldn't change anything because for me, everything is perfect.

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