Thursday, 20 June 2013

Winter Is Here

It's the cold season again and with that comes the cold, cough and the flu. I don't mind though if it just affects me but when it comes to my partner and baby having it, I can't even think about what's about to happen. Last year when Patrick got sick, I had to do all the things around the house. It's understandable because I know he's sick but it got too much. He was bossing me around like there's no tomorrow. It was annoying. I mean, I do care about him and I want him to get better as fast as he could but I think at some point, it was just his laziness coming through. He wanted me to get everything for him even though it was just a few inches away. If he at least recognise that I'm doing all these things for him, I'd feel much better. 
With baby K being born on late summer, it's hard to know whether she gets cold or hot. The first few weeks, I did understood that she had to wear a couple of layers because her weight is just average and that she might be having a hard time maintaining her body temperature. However, when we had her 6 weeks check up, the doctor told us that she's having heat rash from having too much clothes on. From then on, I'm worried on whether I put too much or too less clothes. It's cold outside and I always make sure that she's comfortable and warm whenever we go somewhere. I put something that can easily be removed just in case she gets hot and sweaty. But when we're just at home, that's when I find it hard to determine. I get cold easy and I wonder if she's the same. Having the heater on most of the time, it's a little hard to figure out if she'll need a couple of layers of clothes or not. Sometimes, she only wears a body suit with a short sleave just to be safe. The one thing I'm starting to hate is removing the cold on her nose. She usually get snuffles when the previous night was really cold and because I'm a good mother, I try to remove it using the nasal aspirator. She doesn't like it and tends to cry a lot when I do it. I want to remove it though so she can breathe easily, it's just not that easy to do.
The one thing I'm dreading about this winter is, what if they get sick at the same time? That will be really tiring and annoying. But then again, I can't just leave them like that. They are my family after all.

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