Friday, 21 June 2013

Power Cut

Yesterday, we had the worst storm ever. It was raining and the wind was blowing so hard that trees and signs fell off. I saw in the newspaper earlier that even the giant sign of a supermarket fell to the ground. The weather is that horrible and even until now it won't stop raining. 

Because of the horrible weather, our power got cut off. I think something happened in the power line and had to be fixed. We didn't get it back till 9 am this morning so basically, we were in the dark, freezing ourselves for 12 hours. I felt sorry for baby Kaelyn, she cried when the power went out. I was meant to give her a bath but instead, just gave her a sponge bath and put her on some warm clothes. I had to make her wear her sleeping bag and a couple of wool clothing to make sure she won't get cold. I wasn't able to sleep because I got worried that something might happen to her and also, I was scared of the storm. She slept really well though which is really good.

I was unprepared when that power cut happened last night. Good thing that she's got lots of good blankets and clothes. I didn't even have a flashlight with me, I had to use my cellphone. I need to pack that emergency kit if ever something like this happens again. 

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