Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nearly Four Months

One week left before baby K turns 4 months old, it's so exciting.

It's been good so far, she's getting bigger and heavier. She's so talkative,  she smiles and laughs and is just so adorable. The only thing I have noticed is she barely explores her hands. As I have mentioned on my previous post a few days back, I always read Baby Centre and see what development is up head so that I can check what she' been up to. Also, when we had her 3 month check up, I was also asked about this. The thing is, I haven't seen her done it. She occasionally touch her toys or her blanket but that's it.

She has barely tried rolling over as well. Maybe it's because of that wonder week that everyone's been talking about. I'm still not sure what it it though. Am I worrying too much? But apart from that, she's been good. She likes to watch TV or watch me look at my Instagram photos. She also stares at me when I'm eating though. I feel horrible whenever she sees me eat because I feel like she wants some too. 

I can't believe she is turning four months. And then later, she'd be able to start eating solids. Ah, so exciting.


  1. She is sooo adorable. I miss those days. :)

    1. Thank you, I'm cherishing every moment while she's still a baby :)

  2. She is beautiful! Enjoy this age while you can


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