Friday, 21 June 2013

In A Hurry

I was browsing the forum of Babycenter earlier. One of the topics I saw which intrigued me was about rolling over. The mother said that her son is only 11 weeks and has rolled over a few times. I thought, wasn't that a bit early? But then again, babies are different. My mistake was mentioning it to my partner. When he heard about it, he was shocked and panicked a little saying that how come our baby hasn't rolled yet. Ever since he heard about it, he kept giving her tummy time and trying her to roll over. He's gone nuts. I feel sorry for baby K and what he's doing is annoying. I do know, and I've read about it, that babies usually start to roll over by 5 months but some babies might be able to do it early. Baby K is only 14 weeks and has started on trying since a few weeks ago. I know that she will be able to do it. It just takes time and I understand how hard it could be for her.


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