Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Child Free Weekend

School holidays are almost over and boy oh boy, I can't wait. We have done quite a bit this break and yet she still miss going to school. There's probably not an hour where she asks if she has school the next day. She still doesn't know what a school break is. Whenever I tell her the word 'holiday', she always thinks that we are going on a holiday. It was a bit of a confusion and so I told her that her teachers are going to rest for a little bit and have a holiday. Now, she kept asking when are they coming back because she thought they went somewhere for their holiday. Thank goodness the day is almost here. I can't say we didn't get a lazy free time though. Because she kept on asking about sleepovers too, she stayed at my parents' house for two weekends. It was great.

We didn't do much, I tell you that. I was feeling really lazy on the first weekend. Since I work a little late on weekends, I was feeling too tired to do anything. I did get to watch my shows while having dinner though and I did have a good sleep though which is always a plus for me. 

The second weekend that she was away, we actually decided to eat out. It was nice having dinner, just the two of us. 

This time, we decided to pick her up on monday morning so we could go to the park. That gave me freedom to do whatever I could on sunday after work. I managed to back up all my photos and videos, watch scary movies, and take a long shower without someone asking if I'm done every five minutes. It was divine. But of course, I missed her. I couldn't wait to see her so we woke up early the next day. Having a weekend off from being a parent is good from time to time. Still, nothing beats the feeling of being with my daughter. 

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