Thursday, 22 September 2016

#TBT: Halloween 2015

September is almost over and that means, it's time to think about halloween costumes for the little one. I won't even bother decorating because the house is already ready for Christmas. All I ever want is for Kaelyn to wear a costume and probably walk around the neighbour hood or visit some friends. This year though, she has thought of what costume she wants to wear. We've searched for ideas at Pinterest and she knew exactly what she wants. Now, I just have to figure out how to make it. You'll just have to wait and see what it is. Last year was a different case though. 
We weren't prepared, as in no costume at all. Unlike the two previous year where she wore a Panda and then a Hello Kitty costume. We bought those just in time for halloween but not last year. I couldn't think of anything for her to wear. She ended up sleeping over at my parent's house for the weekend. Me and Patrick had a halloween to go too and thought we'd have the weekend off. Kaelyn was thrilled with the idea anyway.

The outfit that she wore that day reminded me of the girl in the Koreanovela that we used to watch. She pretended to be a boy in place of her brother and Kaelyn looked somewhat just like her. So I'd say that was her costume last year. 

Go Mi Nam, You're Beautiful
Everything was last minute, even the costumes that we had for the halloween party. Patrick kept changing his mind and so he ended up being the joker and I was Harley Quinn. 

It was actually fun to go out every once in a while. Patrick just stressed me out because of his indecisiveness. Anyway, I'm glad Kaelyn has decided on what she wants to wear. I really hope I could pull it off. Are you celebrating Halloween? What costumes are you going to wear? I probably will be on the look out for more ideas just in case.

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