Saturday, 11 April 2015

Color Run 2015

Two weeks ago, we participated on the Color Run event here in Wellington. We were supposed to go last year but I had to choose between Color Run or Justin Timberlake concert. The decision was obvious of course. It was also a good thing since Kaelyn is a bit older this year, means she can enjoy it even more. A friend from Auckland was actually the reason we went this year but since we rarely see each other, and summer was nearly over, we thought why not give it a go. 

The weather turned out to be beautiful which is perfect for the event. We arrived just 10 minutes before it starts. I thought as soon as the countdown finishes, we all start running/walking/dancing but it turns out that people could start batch by batch. We were probably the seventh group to run. 

We didn't run. We walked. We tried though. I was regretting my decision of not bring Kaelyn's stroller because she was heavy just like a sack of potatoes. I was carrying her halfway. She only let go when we're about to be thrown with colors. She didn't want daddy. She wanted me. Yeah, that stroller could have been very handy. 

I wasn't sure if Kaelyn fully enjoyed it. She was so shy since there were a lot of people around. She barely smiled the whole time. Even when she was dancing, she had this serious face on but she was dancing. 

After the event, we dropped off our friends to their house. As much as we want to hang out longer, we couldn't. They still have to drive back to Auckland that day. Since it's lunch time and we're hungry, we decided to buy some pizza and hang out and Kaelyn had fun playing with the drums.

It was a fun experience. I've seen a lot of people enjoying the color run few years ago and I'm proud to say that we got to experience such a colorful event. Here's a little video I captured during the event:

Have you participated in the color run? How was it? I bet you enjoyed it too as much as we did. 

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