Thursday, 9 October 2014

Kaelyn's Sleepover

My parents just picked up Kaelyn. She's having a sleepover there while we go away for Auckland. I am excited but I'm a bit more nervous. Not having her with me is just really weird. She still has a bit of a separation anxiety and since she'll be staying with my parents for a week, we thought that it would be a good idea if she'll have a sleepover first. You know, see how things go for her and everyone else at the house. 

I was meaning to just have them baby sit her on a sunday but my mom suggested that she sleepover on saturday night. Our previous saturday was a little busy. Kaelyn was invited to a kid's birthday party. Hannah, who was so tiny when she went to Kaelyn's first birthday, just turned one. She is so chubby and cute. It was a Dora themed birthday party and there were tables specially made for the little kids. Once Kaelyn saw the marshmallow, she ran into the table to get some. She kept dancing, eating, and having a good time. I haven't been in a children's party in so long. I forgot how fun it was to attend one. We had to leave a little early to go to a family friend's birthday. Kaelyn was tired, it was past her afternoon nap so I thought she'd be grumpy and sleepy. She wasn't. She still didn't want to be carried by the adults but she was interacting and playing with them which I think is a good progress unlike before. She even played with TJ and the other kids. 

When we got to parents' house, we tried to say good bye to Kaelyn quickly because she needs to get some rest. It's hard leaving her but we had to. She had an idea what was going on and she clung to me even tighter when I started saying good bye. When we got home, they kept sending me pictures of her.

We picked her up before dinner the next day. When we entered the house, she just looked at me, hugged and then went back to what she was doing. She's happy playing with my sisters. I have to try and don't worry about her that much because she might have a hard time. I hope she enjoys the weekend with my parents though. We'll try to have fun too. It's a five day trip so it will be a long weekend.

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