Thursday, 21 August 2014

Scavenger Hunt

Today, I took all my courage and strength and did one of the things that I despise doing. What is it? It's cleaning out the huge toy box. My partner bought this storage ottoman a few weeks after we moved to this house and since then, I've never really paid attention to it for all I know it's just full of toys. I have never been so wrong in my life.

The weather is really bad today that we had no choice but to stay indoors. I have been all over the house thinking of what to do. I then noticed that Kaelyn's been playing near her toy box for the past hour so I thought why not clean it up, right? That way I can also show her how to tidy up after she plays. I sat down thinking how hard could it be right? Removed the mini piano, telephones, books and another storage inside and started sorting out blocks, dolls and balls. I then found a few of our socks, my brush, crayons, hair ties and a lot of other bits and pieces. It was like discovering a treasure chest. No wonder I couldn't find pairs of socks no matter where I search it. I'd never think of looking into her toy box. I asked her how my things got there and she just gave me the cheekiest smile and ran away. I saw her in the kitchen hiding things in the potato bag. I found the lotion that I've been looking for in weeks, crayons, blocks and my baking cup. Seriously, this kid is a hoarder just like me and she's so good at hiding things. This is probably the only trait I passed on to her.

I searched all the compartments of her kitchen, car, trolley, bags and  to see if there's hidden things. I found a lot of my things that has been missing for days or weeks now. It is like playing scavenger hunt. Now I know where to look in case something goes missing again. Silly toddler.

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