Sunday, 31 August 2014

Post Birthday Dinner + Wellington Lux Lights

My birthday celebration just concluded on friday night. When we had dinner on my actual birthday, my parents and other siblings were'n able to come because they were busy with exams. A week later, we got together for dinner at The Crab Shack in Wellington. Patrick missed out as usual because he had to work. We tried to go there a bit early because apparently, you can only book a table if there's more than 10 in the group. It was a buys friday night because it's the last weekend for the Wellington Lux Lights. It took us a while to find a parking. Even the station where you have to pay for your parking had a line. The Crab Shack was full too and we had to wait for an hour to get in. 

While waiting, we went around and got some coffee and hot chocolates. It started to get cold and Kaelyn isn't impressed because she wants some food. Of course, I'm prepared and gave her a cookie. We didn't have to wait for the whole hour because they called my sister and said that there's a table waiting for us. We hurried because we're all hungry and they might give our table to someone else.

The Crab Shack was the former Shed 5 restaurant. It really changed. The former fancy restaurant turned into a sea themed place. Lights are enclosed in crab traps, wooden boxes as their storage and the kitchen is right beside you. You can see them cook and prepare your meals.

We had crabs, corn chip platter, shrimp and raw fish board for appetiser. No decent photos of food because I was too hungry and my hands were full. Kaelyn had to wait for the mains (because I don't let her eat seafoods yet except fish) so she was in a bit of a bad mood. The crabs were good. I've heard people say that it isn't worth the hype but it was so good. 

The mains arrived shortly after we've finished with our mains. I had a steak with coleslaw and potato hash. I just realised why I ordered that when I'm in a seafood restaurant. Kaelyn dug in as soon as the platter came. She loved the potato hash, she ate most of it. The steak was pretty good too. 

After dinner, we walked around and checked out the Lux Lights. I've been meaning to see it but we just didn't had the time to do it. While I hold Kaelyn's hand, (she insists on walking) Julia's been using my Go Pro to take pictures and video while Gale's holding my Canon to take pictures as well (that's why they're a bit blurry and dark hahaha). 

The lux was nice. Kaelyn likes lights so she definitely enjoyed it. We were only able to see the ones by the wharf because the others are just too far to walk to. Kaelyn ran around freely, it was so hard to catch her. She wanted to touch everything. And what I mean by everything is even the rubbish bin.

She ran so fast, I had to ask my sister to chase her. She wandered around and people almost bumped into her because she's so tiny.  

When we arrived at the square things (picture below), I let her on her own since there weren't much people. She touched every single light and when she got to the end, she touched them again going back. The lights changes when someone shouts at the end. It was pretty cool. She got surprised when someone shouted but didn't cry. Good job, little one. 

Kaelyn definitely enjoyed herself. I did too, even if it was a bit tiring. All of the food that I ate went away really quickly because I was running around too. It was really fun. We got home at 11:30 which was way past Kaelyn's bed time. She fell asleep as soon as I finished changing her diaper. It was a bit tiring but fun day. 

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