Saturday, 22 February 2014

Walking Everywhere

It's nearly time to share to you all the reason of my absence from blogging. Nearly! But for now, I will fill you in with what's happening with Baby K, who is proudly walking on her own now. Funny, 'cause a week ago, we were talking about how she might not be able to walk on her own on her first birthday. We talked about it during dinner time and once I took her off her high chair and let her play on the living room, she suddenly started standing up and walking. I told myself never to doubt my baby. When she can, she can and she will and she wants to. I think she was just waiting for the right time to show us, she knew how to walk on her own all along. 

Now that she knows how to walk, all she wants to do is walk everywhere. When I say everywhere, it is EVERYWHERE. We went to the summer fair last weekend and you know how fully packed fairs are, with people eating, chatting, and such all over the place. This didn't bother her and she still insisted on walking. Of course, we had to hold her hand so we won't lose her and whenever we carry her, she cries and cries until she's on her own. I couldn't just leaver her walking though, because she causes traffic (haha) and other people couldn't see her because she's tiny. It was so cute though, seeing her be independent. 

Not only that she can walk now but she also loves talking on phone. Well, she assumes everything that she picks up is a phone and she will just start babbling. She has grown quite a lot this past two months that I've lost count of the things that she learned to do.  

There is one week left until we celebrate her birthday and almost two weeks until her actual birthday. Her first year has surely gone by so quickly. I think I have forgotten how it feels like to have her as a tiny baby who sleeps all day. But then again, I can't wait for her to talk not just babble so I'd understand what she's complaining about. 

Anyway, I will update you guys soon, I promise. Have a good weekend!

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