Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Be Friends with my Baby

Every tuesday, I bring Baby K to the library so she can join in and socialise with other babies. They have a little fun playgroup called Baby Bounce and rhymes in the morning then a story time in the afternoon. She really likes interacting with other children. We have been attending these for two months now and so far, she has only made one friend. The same goes for me. 

It's kind of sad to see that no one wants to play with her. I can't say that they are shy because they are playing with other babies. I can see that Kaelyn likes to play because she will go straight to them and start babbling and waving and such. All they do is stare at her and do their own thing. The same goes for me. I kind of feel left out for her. I don't mind if I won't get to have mommy friends. I just want Kaelyn to have friends. The mommies in that group is always chatting away in a big circle, with their kids playing. I feel like I'm always being judged, cause I'm a young mom or cause I'm from a different culture and I think that could be a reason why they won't let their babies play with mine. I hate to see Kaelyn feeling left out. C'mon, how can you not want to be friends with her? 


There will be times that she gets to play with other babies and kids though. We usually stay at the library for a while. Sometimes, some kids come to play too. I've met a few parents and their babies that could be a potential friend but they rarely go to the library. While waiting for my partner at the mall yesterday, I met this mom who's about the same age as me. Her son is a year old. We chatted for a bit while waiting. Turns out she was waiting for her partner too. She seemed nice and we had a lot in common. Too bad I wasn't able to catch her name. But anyway, we will keep on attending the playgroup. We might be able to have a friend, eventually. 

I know I have been a total MIA in writing posts lately. I am not neglecting my blog, don't worry. I have just been really busy and tired lately. There is a good explanation to this but I can't tell just yet. You will know soon, I promise. Lots of love from me and Kaelyn! 

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