Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Clingy Baby

I might have the most clingy baby in the world. No matter how interesting the toys are, Baby K still wants me. I might just be in the kitchen which is a few steps from the living room but she cries instantly whenever she realises that I'm doing something else. Nothing is acceptable to her unless I'm beside her. I have tried everything and I swear, it's hard to leave her for one bit. I can't even cook in peace because she will just keep crying unless I pick her up. I guess she got used to being carried a lot and now, she wants to keep it that way. The thing is, she only likes to be carried by me. She will go to other people if she's in a good mood but in her head, I think it's stuck as me and her forever.

She has been good though, lately. There are days that I can leave her for a bit to play while I quickly tidy up. There are just times that she will randomly cry even if she was happy a minute ago. I've checked everything, always make sure that she didn't fell on the ground. My hunch is probably her gums hurting. There are also times that she will play with her daddy and even cuddled with him for an afternoon nap. It was the most adorable thing ever and I couldn't resist not to take a picture.

Everyone would love to be cuddled like this
Anyway, she has started learning new tricks lately. She has been trying to stand up without holding onto something. The first time I saw her doing it,  I quickly ran beside her to catch her. Only to find out that she could manage on her own. The longest time that she can stand so far is 10 seconds and I think that's amazing. When she sees me looking at her, she will have this big smile on her face. I always clap and show her that she has done really well. Another is that she's been making sounds with her toys. She will put the toy on her mouth and off and then back on again. She looks pretty amused when she do it so she kept repeating. It's so cute and she probably does it to every toy that she touches. And this one I just noticed today, she was pulling her face closer to her book as if kissing it. She did it when she saw a red puppy on the phone too. Oh my, I can't wait for her to learn how to kiss. It'd be adorable and I'll just ask her to kiss me all day, err'day. 

Nope, that isn't your toy baby
Patricia and Shelby put up the christmas tree the other day and I think Kaelyn thought that this is her brand new toy. She kept going back to it whenever she's done playing with her toys. She has managed to pull one christmas ball out of the tree yesterday. I had no idea how she did 'cause all I saw was her face full of glitter. That's your evidence right there. Now that the tree is up, they had a little re arranging around the living room and the once spacious area is now occupied by the table again. This meant more baby proofing with giant pillows and chasing her ever minute just to ensure that she hasn't hurt her head. I hope that we'll last until this holiday season because with Kaelyn trying to pull the christmas leaves from time to time, it will be no surprise if I see the tree half bald. 

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  1. I can only imagine how stressful it must be to be the only person your baby wants, ahh! I was reading the other day that 10 months is the peak for "clingy" behavior so I hope it doesn't get worse in a couple months. I love how she is so proud of herself when she stands up and gives you the cheeky little "look at meeee" smile! WHAT A DOLL!

    1. Seriously? I think I better get ready then. If you don't hear from me for the next couple of months, that is because kaelyn is attached to me. Hahaha! She is cheeky alright! I can't wait to post and show you the videos that I took the past few days. you will laugh. Lol


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