Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Having Fun at the Playgroup

Our trips to the library and the mall has increased recently. After finding out that they have a little pre school story time every tuesday, I became determined to bring Baby K every week there. She is the youngest child that attends in that session because it is intended for pre schoolers but she seems to like it so I don't see why not. This also means borrowing tons of books and dvd for her. In fact, ever since we started borrowing books, she has liked me reading her the books even more. Before, it was just a look at the book phase but now, I can see that she actually listens to what I'm saying. It amazes me whenever I look at her when I'm reading.

Kaelyn enjoys being in the library because it's a new environment for her with lots of interesting things. She wants to play with everything that looks fun to her, even the tables and chairs. 

Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas
Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas
Whenever she sees other children, she smiles and follows them. They just smile at each other which makes me think that they have their own secret code even though it's their first time meeting. When it comes to the actual story time session, Baby K gets shy and sits near me instead of sitting with the other kids. I can see that she listens to the story though and when it's time for music and dancing, she dances away (sometimes). During one of the sessions, they were given maracas to use with the dancing. She loved it and didn't want to give it back. Luckily, the lady was kind enough to let her hold onto it until the end.

Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas
I love bringing her to these playgroups because it'll be the only way to boost her social life since we are the only ones she sees everyday. I'm glad she's liking it and I'm making sure that we attend one every week. Yesterday, the weather was really crap but I still found a way just to bring her there. After each session, we go to the mall and window shop while waiting for Patrick to get off work. But now that it's nearing christmas, I have started to look for gifts to buy. Just look because no matter how many times I've searched, I can't think of what to gifts to get yet. Have you done your christmas shopping? I need ideas what to get my family and I've been looking online too. I'm hoping to get the shopping done by next week so I won't have to deal with the last minute craze. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Wow that is a great playgroup/story time! She is so cute amongst those little kids. I think it's really great you're introducing her to reading and books at such a young age as well as exposing her to different people. YAY! Go Mom!! And as always...she's a doll


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