Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

It is now time to reminisce the past with some childhood questions from The Sunday Social

1.) What were you like in middle school and high school?

I was a good student back in middle school and high school. I was one of those students who always try to follow every rules and do every homework given because I was scared to be sent into the office.

2.) What were your favourite past times?

I was such a bookworm back then. I was always in the library, borrowing for books. That was when I also started reading the Harry Potter series and fell in love with it. I was also into music. I was glued to the radio whenever I have a spare time, listening to new songs. I even tried learning how to play the guitar. 

3.) What songs were you obsessed with?

When you're looking like that - Westlife
Too Close - Next
Breakdown - Mariah Carey

4.) What fashion statements do you look back and cringe?

I wasn't really into jelly shoes. I think half of my middle school days, I was wearing jelly shoes. I actually just saw them in one of the stores the other day and I though to myself, oh no! Another thing I hated was those 'elephant' pants? I can't believe I wore those. (Ha ha ha)

5.) Who was your celeb crush?

I don't think I had any. I did not have any celeb crush until recently 'cause I wasn't paying attention to who the actors were before. Lame, right? But if you ask me now, my celeb crush now is Ryan Reynolds. Oh yes! 

6.) What was your favourite movie?

Apart from the Harry Potter movies, I also liked the first Step Up movie and Take the Lead. I have probably watched all the movies which involves dancing. I was obsessed, I still am now. I love dancing, and still wishes that I could be a very good dancer. 

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