Thursday, 5 September 2013

Happy Six Months, Baby!

Baby K is now officially six months.*squeal*

 Ah, she's half way 'til she turns one year old. Is it too early if I start organising her birthday party? Hahaha! I am too excited, okay. Anyway, she's been extra talkative and extra clingy today. She was in a good mood though so it was okay. Although, it was hard to play and keep up with her. She kept moving around, reaching for her toys and my stuff specifically my laptop and iPod. It is really hard taking care of a baby when you are sick too. Yes, I am sick unfortunately. Patrick is now well and has passed his flu too me. Luckily, baby K hasn't shown any signs of being sick. Her bowel movement was not good though. She had a hard time doing poop time today, twice. I'm guessing she is constipated because she might have eaten too much sweet potato. Poor baby girl. 

I also found out today that she officially hates taking a bath. She cries when we start giving her a bath. It has been like that for a few days now but I thought it will change today but it didn't. I thought babies would love bath times as they grow older. It seems to be the opposite for her. I hope it does change though because bath times won't be fun anymore.

Despite being sick, I tried to play with her. No one else can take care of her anyway so I didn't have a choice. I just made sure that my hands are clean and I won't cough or sneeze in front of her. She kept laughing whenever I do it too. She will be startled at first but eventually will think that it's funny and she will laugh. She is so adorable. I think I'm did a good job raising her in her first six months. I am so happy she turned out to be a healthy, adorable baby. 

How's your week so far? Hope you're all enjoying the start of the new season wherever you are.

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  1. Aw I cant imagine being sick and taking care of such a young little baby girl. But that's what mommies do! I hope you get better soon! On a side note..I don't think anything is ever too early to start planning, it is called "planning" after all! lol


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