Thursday, 8 August 2013

Throwback Thursday - Where Did that Name Came From?

It's time for another THROWBACK THURSDAY. I hope you are enjoying reading all my throwbacks as much as I enjoy writing them. 

If you're reading my posts regularly, you'll know what baby K's real name is. If not, well, her name is Kaelyn Rylai. I know it's a quite uncommon name, especially her second name. In fact, I think she is the only one who has that name. Here's a little story on how we got that name.

When we were still on the long distance relationship, we used to have conversations about baby names. I'm not entirely sure why but it seemed that he felt that it was going to happen sooner. We used to mix and match names and we actually made a set name for a girl and a boy which we used to name our SIMS character. He also had this baby app on his iPod before where in you feed her, give her bath, take care of her, etc. Isn't it weird how he was more excited than I am? Although I never really paid attention to it, thinking that normal couple talks about that (or is it just us?). He wasn't actually bad at picking names and I liked what we came up before. But when we found out that I was pregnant, it eventually changed. During my pregnancy period, he was obsessed with a few characters that he plays that he had this idea of using the names of the character as a name for our baby. I didn't even hesitated and said no straight away. He said he know that it will be a boy and he wanted to name the baby as Sven or Juggernaut. I told him that I wasn't really up for it. It's a very unusual name and there might be some meaning to it that we didn't know about. He seemed to be very excited about it and so sure about what he chose. The ultrasound day came and when we learned that our baby is going to be a girl, he was a little disappointed. It didn't stop him from using names from his game characters. He gave me a couple of names of the girl characters to choose from. It was either Lina, Rylai, Mirana and another one (I forgot, it was too hard to pronounce). I wasn't really enthusiastic with the names because it wasn't what I like but Rylai sort of stood out from all of it. I told him I kind of like it but it's a little hard to pronounce and that there should be another name that could match it. We agreed it was going to be Rylai. When everyone was asking what names we will give, he kept telling them Rylai and they would always tell us it's hard to pronounce and where was it from.  As the due date draws near, we still haven't thought about what the other name is. One night, we were watching TV and his sister decided to look up baby names on the internet to see what could be a match for it. It was important for us to have a little meaning behind the name. Rylai doesn't really have a meaning but in the game that he plays, the character's skill was Ice/Crystal (her full name is Rylai the Crystal Maiden) so he wanted something that revolves around it. We tried a few names like Krystal or Krystel but when reading it side by side, Krytel Rylai, it seemed to be a tongue twister. I wanted it to be Sophia Rylai but he doesn't like it (and I still hate him for that). His sister then found Kaelyn which meant pure. He liked the sound of Kaelyn Rylai. It's still a bit of a tongue twister for me and for some friends. I wasn't so sure about it but he already said that that will be the baby's name.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to pick her name but I've gotten used to it. The meaning of her name being pure and ice just suits her because she barely gets cold. She sweats even with one layer of bodysuit. I don't even get it. But there you go, that's the story behind my baby's name. Here's a picture of the in game character so that you'll see what she looks like:

Photo credit:

When I was looking for a picture, I read that this character is the Queen of Winter. No wonder my little one barely gets cold. Hope you enjoyed reading my throwback, until next week. 

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  1. Good to know. I got to name Madison. Hubby had no input because he comes up with the most stupid names. :) She's Madison Khloe and I'm happy with it. Baby K has a nice name, I love it. :)

    1. Khloe's one of my favourite name too. I love her name, it's so pretty just like her :) Thank you! :)

  2. I like the name Kaelyn! Plus your baby is the cutest!

    1. Thank you! Her name suits her perfectly doesn't it? :)


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