Wednesday, 3 July 2013

She Finally Did It!

Every tuesday, we have our dinner a little later than we used to. The reason being is that Patrick's cousin always have a basketball game after school so they tend to wait for her to finish at around 7pm. I always try to prepare dinner so that when they come home, we don't need to wait for the food to be cooked. 

When we were having our dinner, baby K is at her usual spot on her play gym. I put her there so that she can have a play time on her own and also, she won't be alone at our bedroom. She some what feels whenever no one's in the same room with her which results to crying and bad mood swings. So we were just having dinner then, looking at her from time to time to make sure she's okay. She then started turning on her side, trying to roll over as she always do. When I finished my dinner, I sat down beside her then we all noticed that she's about to roll over. I mean, she will be able to do it. It's just the play gym's stand is getting in the way. So I removed the stand and as soon it was gone, she was flat on her tummy. She rolled over! She did it! We were all there, cheering her and screaming. I wasn't able to video it though because I wasn't expecting it. I was shocked but at the same time very happy. 

She hasn't done it again though but seeing that, it made me feel so ecstatic. It's like one big milestone is accomplished. Well, quite because she has only done it once but it's okay. Now that I know that she can do it, I won't feel bad putting her on tummy time because sometimes she hates it. 

I am so happy. The start of my July is already overwhelming. I can't wait to see what else is there to see this month.  


  1. It's so fun when they roll over for the first time :) Congrats!

  2. Yay! Before you know it she'll be walking. Congratulations and I'm so happy you got to see it. :)


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