Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pumpkin Patch & TEMT Mini Haul (Blog Version)

As promised, I am doing a mini clothing haul on what we shopped the other day. I showed these  to my sister earlier and she told me that I bought quite a bunch for her. I usually buy one or two because I know that she will outgrow the clothes but the other day, I couldn't resist. 


I was meant to buy a white vintage dress for sunday but they only had a 12month size so I had to find an alternative and the 3 bows dress is perfect. I also bought this stripe knit dress with applique flower because it's the first thing that captured my attention when I got in the store. I really liked it and I know that it will look great on baby Kaelyn. 

Cute tops

My partner actually picked these tops. He's planning on buying her colour coordinated clothes. I really like the lace collar top because it can go with anything and it looks so cute and girly. Any tops or dresses that has round collars looks so girly to me. I also like this pretty print top because bright colours really suit her well. 

Fur Poncho

This faux fur hooded cape  is one of my favourite not only because I got it cheap but also because it looks elegant. A four-month old baby wearing fur? Cute, right? I bought a 6 - 9 month old size just to be  safe but I think she can wear this now and I think even after 9 months. I can't wait for her to wear this. 


We also picked out some cute accessories for her. The yellow beanie and velour bow cap is perfect to match her yellow and blue outfits. There's also the blue satin bow headband and yellow flutter flower headband because I want to have many headbands for her. I'm collecting each colour and design so she can have one each day. Lastly, this yellow booties is just really adorable. It's soft and comfortable and also, it's warm inside. Oh, I also bought a yellow leggings for her. I just forgot to take a picture. 

As for me, I bought two chiffon blouses. The white one is a little loose on the bottom and the front is  a little shorter than the back. The red blouse has studs on the collar and has a fringe style at the chest area (Can't really see in the photo). That's it for me. I wanted to buy this cute pink dress but they only have one last size which is small. Can't really take a risk on that because I know it won't fit me. 

See what I told you before? I did bought a lot for her. Well, I think it's a lot anyway. I can't wait for her to wear all these clothes. I know she grows too fast so I'm definitely making the most out of every clothes she got. I hope you enjoyed this mini haul. I will definitely do this again sometime.

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